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"This coenzyme is at the edge of the fight against ageing!"

link to buy NAD+ is a coenzyme present in all the cells, and is necessary for the electron transfer process during the reactions of our metabolism to produce our ATP energy!

Cells and evidently humans just can't live or survive without NAD+.

Scientists have discovered that most deaths of our cells and most diseases happen when our cellular stock of NAD+ is totally depleted.

NAD+ is also crucial for cells communication and signalling, and its absence completely disorganises our organism!

The company Biotrends (based in Hong-Kong) is the only one in the world to allow individuals to access this priceless product, at the cutting edge of scientific discoveries in the domain of fighting ageing.

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Testimonials NAD+ and new capsules !


Here I give you the latest testimonials on using NAD+ that I received:

1- “I started taking NAD+ as an anti aging product, but soon I noticed the energy kick it gives me.

So now I take it all the time before I do my workouts, because then I can do more than before.

It helps me get past my usual repetition number and that it’s a great helper.

The thing I like most is that I can get my energy boosted and take care of my health and obtain the anti ageing benefits at the same time.

When I am at home I take the powder as it feels more powerful and it is easy to take, but the pills feel just as great when I take like 3 to 9 pills.

I highly recommend the biotrends nad+ for gym or just for better life quality and longevity.

S.D. Europe”

2- “I am so happy I found out about your products.

I buy your Nouvelle Vie and NAD+ combo, started exercising and feel 10 years younger.

All my work mates want to know my secret. I am going to give your products as Christmas gifts this year.

Peter K., Canada.”

NAD+ new capsules:

nad-plus-100mg-biotrends-sm# As promised Biotrends launches NAD+ 100mg vegan capsules!

I’m crazy for NAD+ as you know, and I take the powder every day, but I can not take it with me when I travel or go out for long hours.

So I also like having NAD+ tablets, which are easy to carry and dose in their small cylindrical box.

In case of sudden fatigue in the day I take 2 or 3 tablets and in the next 20 minutes I am again full of energy, and I love it.

👉 Click here to this new jewel in anti-ageing!

I am delighted that the new capsules of NAD+ with a larger dosage arrived, because it will be even more convenient.

Thanks for all those who contributed to this update by buying the previous stock of 30mg tablets!

Sincerely, JT