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"This coenzyme is at the edge of the fight against ageing!"

link to buy NAD+ is a coenzyme (Nicotinamide Adenine Di-nucleotide) that is present in all the cells of our body, and in necessary for the electron transfer process during the oxydoreduction reactions of our metabolism to produce our energy ATP.

Cells and evidently humans just can't live or survive without NAD+.

Scientists have discovered that most deaths of our cells and most diseases happen when our cellular stock of NAD+ is totally depleted.

NAD+ is also crucial for cells communication and signalling, and its absence completely disorganises our organism!

The company Biotrends (based in Hong-Kong) is the only one in the world to allow individuals to access this priceless product, at the cutting edge of scientific discoveries in the domain of fighting ageing.

I found NAD+ at half price !

Hello, here is a short message to let you know about a great deal of -50%.

I’m crazy for NAD+ as you know, and I take the powder every day, but I can not take it with me when I travel or go out for long hours.

So I also like having NAD+ tablets, which are easy to carry and dose in their small cylindrical box.

In case of sudden fatigue in the day I take 2 or 3 tablets and in the next 20 minutes I am again full of energy, and I love it.

In short I was on BioTrends site to order 4 boxes, and when paying I saw that the price was much lower than expected …

BioTrends told me they offer 50% discount on these tablets because they want to sell the last hundreds of boxes they have left, then they will propose tablets with stronger dosage of 100mg each.


I am delighted that they plan to propose NAD+ tablet with a larger dosage because it will be even more convenient. But of course they must first liquidate their stock of 30mg tablets. Hence the promotion of 50% !!!

So I immediately wanted to convey the good news.

  • So if you order 1 box, you will receive 2.
  • If you buy 2 you will be charged only 1
  • For 3 you will pay the price of 2
  • And for 4 you’ll pay only 2!
  • And for the price of 4 you will receive 8 boxes!
  • And for any larger even amount you will always have those -50%

This is valid on their 2 models, the non-mentholated here, and the minty one here.

Place your order as soon as possible,

because such an offer on a small stock will not last long in my opinion.

Sincerely, JT